Progressive Insurance Reviews – Advice From A Trusted Source

Progressive Insurance has many of the best reviews in the industry. One of the best things about Progressive is that they offer more than just car insurance. With everything that they have to offer you Progressive insurance reviews are a great place to start. Progressive holds the title for being the first company to provide internet-based auto insurance, with the very first automobile insurance for consumers to purchase online, as well as the very first drive-in claim center. No wonder Progressive is a top competitor in this industry.

In addition to these two important accomplishments, Progressive Insurance has done a lot to improve the way they do business today. Instead of you having to call them to make a claim, they will take care of making your claim for you. In addition, they offer their clients plenty of high-risk driver discounts for various reasons including but not limited to; good driver discount for high-risk drivers with multiple tickets, good student discount for high school students who are enrolled full time, safe driver discount for drivers who have maintained a clean record for five years or more, good non-owner auto collision and comprehensive coverage for drivers who own their vehicle outright. The one thing that Progressive does not offer however is homeowner or renter’s insurance. Their homeowner policies can be purchased at any insurance company that accepts their insurance policy forms.

Progressive Insurance also provides a comprehensive one-year comprehensive coverage plan. This plan covers everything from the three categories of bodily injury, property damage and comprehensive coverage. The bodily injury category will cover your medical bills, lost wages due to an accident, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses. The property damage category will cover your vehicle and your property that are damaged due to an accident, such as roofs, garages, and the like. The comprehensive category will cover everything that is not covered by the bodily injury, property damage and comprehensive coverage. Although the cost of the plans is higher than other insurance companies’ plans, the value that you can save on your premiums by purchasing this type of insurance is much higher.

Progressive also offers their own line of high-risk drivers’ car-insurance products. These are referred to as High Risk Driver Insurance, which are designed to provide extra coverage to drivers that have been involved in several car accidents in the past. High-Risk Driver Insurance will cover all of the medical bills, loss of wages, and other related costs for these types of drivers. The benefits of this type of car insurance coverage are unlimited, so the driver will be covered even if they have another vehicle that needs to be repaired after being hit by a Progressive car insurance product. One interesting thing to note about these types of products is that some are required to have them in order to drive in Massachusetts.

Another of Progressive’s car insurance reviews that has received a lot of attention is their Better Business Bureau rating. The Better Business Bureau provides consumer protection for businesses that deal with insurance or credit card reviews. These reviews are done periodically, and each one includes information about how often a company has problems with its customers. Progressive is one of many companies in Massachusetts that are regularly reviewed by the Better Business Bureau, and their score is included as well.

Another of the Progressive insurance reviews that we’ve written looked at their claim process. Specifically, it looked at how easily a person can file a claim and get paid, as well as the time that it takes for them to be compensated. While the claim process from Progressive may be easy for some people to handle, other drivers may find that it is very difficult. This is a big concern for some people who have suffered an accident and want to know if their compensation will be worth the wait.

One of the last things we looked at was their roadside assistance plan. This service is not available in all states and is only offered with some plans. Still, many people appreciate this service, and many have said that it is very helpful when they need to use the services of a tow truck, or towing services, to come to their location. Again, these Progressive insurance reviews provide details about this coverage and how often it can be beneficial to someone with an existing plan.

In all, the reviews that we’ve written to provide a lot of insight into Progressive as a company, as well as details about some of the services that they offer. We also hope that this information will help you determine which type of coverage is right for you. While the quotes that you receive from Progressive may seem inexpensive, be sure to consider how long the policy will last, the roadside assistance portion of the policy, what the flat tire coverage entails, as well as how much the rental car reimbursement will cost you. With any decision, it is always better to shop around and compare than simply accept the first offer that you receive.